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Financial Modeling

Quantitative modeling, automation, and machine learning (ML) are powerful tools for you and your institute to make better business decisions.


Our experience with over a hundred financial models in risk management and investment strategies can help you develop, validate, and audit your models.


Depending upon your unique needs, we can offer you such tools in a holistic process that can include:

  • Objective definition

  • Data collection and preprocessing

  • Model selections

  • Feature explanation 

  • Bias and variance trade-off

  • Performance monitoring

  • Risk and limitation communication

  • Model output translation into business usage and strategy

AI Tools

Expertize in ...

Asset and Liability Management

  • Interest rate term structure

  • (Libor, OIS, and SOFR)

  • Derivative pricing

  • Prepayment

  • Income simulation

  • Pre-trade

  • Risk measurement

Credit Risk Management

  • Credit rating scorecard

  • Probability of default

  • Loss given default

  • CECL

  • Counter-party risk

  • Collateral valuation & haircut 

Stress Test

  • Basel

  • CCAR


  • Stress testing 

  • Sensitivity testing

Capital Market
& Investment Strategies

  • Security valuation

  • Security lending

  • Structured products

  • Foreign exchange overlay

Analytics, Automation
& Machine Learning

  • Automate quantitative processes

  • Customize vendors’ models

  • Build & validate ML models 

  • Detect ML bias and discrimination

  • Market Basket Analysis

  • Fraud Detection

  • Anti-Money Laundry

  • AI/ML bias prevention

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Buck Gee

Former VP at Cisco & Executive Advisor

Buck Gee is an executive advisor to Ascend, a nonprofit Pan-Asian organization of business professionals. In the interview, she talks about not letting the fear of failure stop you.

Trustworthy AI

​Our AI tool is a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize the field of large language models by prioritizing trust and ethical standards. It boasts cutting-edge features like advanced role-playing mechanics and automatic jailbreak identification, ensuring unparalleled robustness and reliability. This tool is a game-changer in AI, promising a future where AI interactions are safer, more ethical, and transparent, enhancing user trust and paving the way for more responsible AI applications across various industries.

AI Medical

Image Interpretation

​AI Image Mastermind is a groundbreaking AI tool designed to marry the precision of AI with the nuanced understanding of human experts. It represents a significant leap forward in medical technology, offering a sophisticated, user-friendly solution that empowers healthcare professionals to deliver more accurate, efficient, and reliable diagnoses.

Holistic AI Underwriting Process

Our advanced AI tool transforms financial services underwriting by combining machine learning for detailed quantitative analysis with LLMs for nuanced qualitative insights. The process culminates in a concise report featuring initial and final scores, along with essential financial and non-financial highlights, thereby optimizing and streamlining decision-making in underwriting.

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