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Data is your superpower

Let's tap into it!

Your Greatest Power is in Your Data

HQS’s quantitative analytics and modeling solutions can help your financial institution make more profitable business decisions — while reducing risks and costs.

Our quantitative analytics and experience-based modeling can enable you to:

  • Better meet regulatory model risk requirements

  • Improve market and credit risk management

  • Sharpen investment strategies

  • Improve business processes 

  • Increase sales

Our expertise is built on 25+ years of experience creating and reviewing 100+ financial risk management and investments models for major financial institutions. With a deep understanding of the problems quantitative processes can best solve, we develop data-centric strategies you can use to help increase efficiency and profits.

Our Services

The Path to Success

Financial Modeling

We offer solutions in model development, validation, stress testing, analytics, automation, and machine learning. Areas positively impacted include market risk, credit risk, capital markets, and fraud detection.


Model Risk Governance

We can help you create, design, implement and maintain a model risk management framework.

Our services help translate regulatory guidance into policy, as well as implement internal guidance.

GuardAI Logo_edited.png

Guard AI

We are developing a trustworthy AI Tool for Generative AI (Gen AI) enterprise users and developers to automatically detect and defend against vulnerabilities, such as privacy breaches and harmful messages

Why Himalaya Quantitative Solutions

Our Story

      The spirit of the Himalaya Mountains exemplifies the courage and persistence needed to relentlessly pursue excellence and challenge the limit.

This same spirit drives HQS to help you reach

your highest potential by tapping the hidden power of your financial data.

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