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Inside AI

"Inside AI" interview series offers a deep dive into the transformative world of artificial intelligence, providing a platform for thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the field to share their insights, experiences, and visions for the future. Designed to provoke thought and discussion, the series navigates the promises and challenges of AI, addressing the technology's potential, risks, and ethical considerations.

Our Guests


Sunjiv Goyal

Author of The Promise of AI

Insights from the Author of The Promise of AI

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Sunjiv Goyal

President @ Account360ai & Author of The Promise of AI

Sanjiv Goyal, a very accomplished individual with a wide range of titles including executive producer, futurist, president of Account360ai and Droisys Inc, and author of the book “The Promise of AI.” In the interview, Sanjiv shared his insights on the promise of AI and overlooked risks in AI.

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